Friday, November 18, 2011

Some Love for the Octagon Art Center ames, Ia

I really, really, love living in Ames Iowa.  I grew up here, then left, then came back and it still has everything I could ever want in a hometown.  We have great friends here, my mom and my hilarious twin brother both have stayed here, a post office with wonderful workers who I joke around with, a wild music scene, a chill corner bar where everyone knows my name and a thriving art scene.

The most visible supporter of the arts in Ames is the Octagon Center for the Arts. It is a cozy Art mecca in downtown Ames, they have a gift shop with all Iowa Artists, an art gallery with a rotating exhibit and classrooms for art workshops and classes. My wife and I just went to Daniel Marks exhibit opening last weekend.  Amazing stuff!

The Octagon was my first consignment gig back when I was a wee bitty starving artist.  That first year they made my Christmas dreams come true!  I have been consigning with them for 5 years and counting.  Every holiday season I go into the shop and swap out the things that didn't sell with my new stock of sparkly rings.  I am always surprised to see how much my craftsmanship has improved.  I was looking at pictures of my old rings from the beginning of my artistic journey.  Lets just say I have improved....

Here are some of my most recent stock I am taking to the Octagon. Shiny!

It is all a learning process.  I am really passionate about making my jewelry the best that it can be.  Sounds cheesy, but is true.

Thank you Octagon for coming along on my journey!  I love you guys.  Please, if you are in Ames, stop into the Octagon and check out all the fantastic stuff we make in Iowa.

Does your town have passion for the arts?  What does that look like?  I would love to know how other towns support their local artists and craftsmen.

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